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I specialize in family counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy in Denver, Colorado. Learn more about me here to see how I can help support you during this period in your life. 


family & couples therapy

If your family is facing some hard times, you don't have to struggle alone. I can help manage the situation using family and couples therapy. Learn more about what that could look like for you, here.

Health psychology

I strive to provide my clients in Denver with health psychology that promotes better mental and physical health. Discover a new approach to a more positive state of mind, here

work with a denver therapist who can help

When you find yourself so affected by internal distress that making it through the day becomes difficult, you don't have to go through it alone. I will help you to reclaim your life and your happiness. I strive to provide the Denver community with a safe environment where they can explore their emotions and overcome internal hidden sources of resistance. You can rely on my counseling services for:

• Family and couples
• Eating disorders
• Chronic illnesses and health conditions
• Needle phobia
• Stress management
• Traumatic life experiences, and many other emotional issues

I will guide you on your personal journey toward health and happiness, and teach you effective management techniques to cope with everyday situations. Start your journey to happiness by reaching out for a consultation.



I help Denver residents and families find balance in their lives through a unique combination of proven psychological approaches, cognitive behavioral therapy and behavioral medicine. Cognitive behavioral therapy involves changing your internal dialogue and ridding yourself of unhelpful thinking and behaviors. I work with you to transform your perception and rid yourself of harmful thinking and coping mechanisms. 

Through therapy, we’ll discover your emotional triggers and develop a plan to get you through any situation. Find a satisfactory way to deal with issues stemming from marital disputes, chronic illness of a family member or eating disorders. Schedule an appointment to explore how I can support you today. 


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